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Q: Is Baybasi Youth Initiative(BYI) a non-profit organization?

A: BYI is the youth wing of the larger non-profit organization Baybasi Inc. The autonomous initiative was formed in 2016 by several youth members, their parents and other Baybasi members to cater to activities that are more widely relevant among the parent organization’s youth population. BYI is currently self-funded and governed by BYI youth and other volunteers.

Q: Is Baybasi Youth Initiative(BYI) a committee under Baybasi Inc.?

A: BYI is not a committee under Bayabsi Inc.

Q: What is this initiative about?

A: This initiative is about running charity programs, fundraising to support the programs and contribute toward bringing a positive change in this world while promoting the idea of service to the next generation and provide youth leadership and team building opportunities. Click here for more information. 


Q: How can I be a member of this initiative?

A: You can click Join Us or you can email for more info.

Q: Do I have to become a member in order to participate?

A: You can be a volunteer too. In order to do so, please send an email to expressing your interest.


Q: How can I be a volunteer in your different projects? 

A: You can click Join Us or you can email for more info. 


Q: How can I bring in new projects?

A: You can email us your new project ideas and our Advisory Board will review and discuss next steps


Q: How can I join an area of my interest?

A: If you are interested in any specific areas, please email your interest and bandwidth to


Q: Is there an age restriction to be a volunteer?

A: Yes, you have to be 10 or older to become a volunteer

Q. Can I participate only in fundraising activities? At what time of the year do they normally happen?

A. Yes- They are spreaded across the year based on the bandwidth of team availability. Currently they are primarily during our Autumn Festivals (Durga Puja), Spring Festivals (Saraswati Puja). We also do community services throughout the year.


Q.Is there a way to Donate through your website ?

A:Yes. Please click the "Donate" button on the Home page.. You can also make checks payable to "Baybasi Inc," with a note : "for BYI" and mail it to BAYBASI, Inc.,PO Box 4538,Foster City, CA, 94404

Q: How are Baybasi Youth Initiative(BYI) funds handled?

A: BYI is an initiative under the non-profit Baybasi Inc. and does not maintain any separate bank account. All funds are deposited into Baybasi Inc. account and all financial contributions to BYI's portfolio of charities are made from Baybasi Inc's account. 

Q: What kind of activities can I do at BYI?
A: You can lead a team of youths on a particular project, organize, meetings, build schedule, update social media posts, build marketing collaterals for an event, setup and man booth at fundraising events, send communications to donors, create newsletter content and drive the team to build the newsletter, become an editor of the newsletter,  work on website, create presentations, make a connection with your projects and school clubs, do accounting and most importantly - touch million hearts.

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