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Action for Amphan

Click here to watch the livestream!

Action for Amphan was first streamed on Youtube and Facebook on June 27th, 2020 at 6pm PST and once again on June 28th,2020 at 6pm IST. This program was a huge success as BYI was able to raise over $5,000 in funds. The members of BYI showcased their talents in the livestream performance, and were also joined by the students at Pathshala. 

Anoushka Banerjee
Ishika Banerjee
Ishani Basak
Sudiksha Bhaduri
Srija Bhattacharya
Deeya Chakrabarti
Sreeya Chakrabarti
Chiroshree Das
Urjaswee Debnath
Wreetom Dutta
Doetri Ghosh
Snehan Ghosh
Oishee Maharatna
Mir Majumdar
Arushi Roy
Rishika Sahu
Pathshala participants:
PHOTO-2020-06-27-22-39-49 (2).jpg
PHOTO-2020-06-28-10-46-34 (2).jpg
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