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Alzheimer's and Related Disorders Society of India ARDSI - Kolkata Chapter


The donation will specifically go towards:

  • Supporting the trained caregiver's time and expertise to counsel family members in areas of caregiving for their loved ones and themselves

  • Supporting the activity items like radio, coloring pencils, and books

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How can you support?


  • Visit
    • Provide care for a dementia patient​
  • Research
    • Choose and research an Alzheimer's related topic​
  • Write
    • Write and article for media release​
  • Raise money for
    • Daycare in Kolkata​
    • 24x7 Care Facility in Rural Bengal
Develop technological solutions
  • Redesign everyday
    • Design low-tech objects that are easy to use for dementia patients
  • Raise awareness
    • Create apps and programs to spread awareness and provide support​
  • Design assistive technology
    • Create solutions that help locate someone
      who has wandered, and alert caregivers if someone is getting up from bed, or trying to open a door, etc.​
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