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Mission Statement:

Build a better world!


Vision Statement:

Our vision is to work in different projects that will enable us to enlighten and empower people

About Baybasi


Baybasi, Inc. was incorporated in July 2008 as a not-for profit charitable organization and is presently located in Foster City, California. The purpose of the corporation is to serve (without limitations), the Asian Indian community (people originating in the state of West Bengal, India and its neighboring states and countries speaking the language Bengali at home, and other Indian community members living in the Foster City, San Mateo, and the adjacent areas of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our Community

The BYI community is not just the Bengali population of the Bay Area, but all of the children, teens, adults, and seniors in need of a better world. Our vision is to help everyone, through a vast range of different projects, so that we can empower people to stand up and make a change in the world. 

Team BYI

Ojasya Machiraju

Oishee Maharatna

Snehan Ghosh

Divija Ghosh

Ivy Maitra

Adri Maitra

Jayden Kanjilal

Chirayush Das

Roshni Sahu

Urjita Debnath

Urjaswee Debnath

Wreetam Dutta

Mir Majumdar


Srija Bhattacharya

Deeya Chakraborti

Sreeya Chakraborti

Doetri Ghosh

Ishani Basak

Chiroshree Das

Anoushka Banerjee

Ishika Banerjee

Rishika Sahu

Trisha Kanjilal

Sudiksha Bhaduri

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