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BYI Donates to Amphan Cyclone 

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In Hingalganj, houses are completely destroyed. The people are displaced and living in an accommodation provided by the government. They will not be able to do any agricultural activities for the next 3 years. In addition, the large scale saline water flooding is causing various skin diseases for people. To help, BYI is helping villagers buy medicines.

The AIM Foundation is a starting community kitchen at Molla para village of Kultali, Nagenabad, Sunderban. The West Bengal Forest Department has kindly consented to provide infrastructural support. They have a weekly medical camp with free medication at Kantamari, Shyamnagar, Raidighi Range, Sundarban. They provide other relief items like Chire, Muri, Gur, Milk Powder, Chattu, Old clothes etc. 

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