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Backpack and School Supplies Drive

Baybasi Youth Initiative participated in the 2016 Backpack and School Supply Drive organized by Children's Fund to help low-income and foster youth in San Mateo County to help them have everything they need to succeed in school this year! According to a social worker who helps distribute backpacks filled with school supplies, these contributions “made a big impact on their lives and were a huge motivation for them to start school.”


Volunteers for Backpack Drive:


Anoushka Banerjee

Chiroshree Das

Deeya Chakrabarti

Doetri Ghosh

Shohan Bhattacharya

Sreeya Chakrabarti

Srija Bhattacharya

"I feel lucky to get this opportunity to make learning easier and help children in need move forward. Many talented students stay back due to lack of (school) supplies, but a helping hand from us can pursue them to follow their dreams and education"
          -Doetri Ghosh
"I feel really happy that I can help a student in need with their education just by donating a backpack and some school supplies." 
           - Deeya Chakrabarti
"I have always loved to get my back to school supplies before every school year and being able to give the feeling to an underprivileged student has been extremely satisfying"
          -Shohan Bhattacharya

"I think that donating backpacks and other supplies is a good idea because it can help a child in need of education. I also feel really happy for the child who will get that backpack and I hope he/she gets a good education."

          - Sreeya Chakrabarti

"Usually, I go to buy school supplies for myself, but this year I had the oppurtunity to do it for a child in need. I feel elated to think that this will bring a smile to a child in need."
          -Srija Bhattacharya
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