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BYI Spotlight: Deeya Chakrabarti @ Pratyush CDCW

Deeya's Thoughts 

"I had an opportunity to visit Pratyush CDCW (Complete Development of Children and Women) with my sister, and parents during my visit to Kolkata last October. The warm welcome upon our arrival touched my heart; so many little kids and women built a wonderful family away from their biological families. Even though I had never met them before, I felt an immediate connection.

     The facility had a resourceful library for the children to read. The elderly women made beautiful handmade shoes, coasters, and keychains out of jute. Some of the income of the organization came from selling these hand-crafted products. The little kids were trained in music, dance and many other art forms. They put up a quick show for us which left us spellbound!

     I had a chance to reflect upon my experience after our eye-opening visit to Pratyush,. The children were contented despite having much less than any of us at BYI. Because of their beautiful smiles, life seemed more meaningful. They all hoped for a bright future and good jobs in order to improve their family’s life. Each person there believed that they can make a difference in the world, no matter how hard it may seem, which is something I admired about them. I came back home with a ray of hope!

     Pratyush is a developing organization and seeks support from our community and from people all around the world. I am hopeful that I can contribute to making a difference through the efforts of BYI."

Deeya and Sreeya with the kids of Pratyush CDCW

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