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BYI Spotlight: Urjaswee Debnath @ Haat​

Urjaswee's Thoughts

"Last summer, I went to India and visited the "Haat". Me and my mom decided to buy some merchandise to sell at BYI Fundraising event. "Haat" is a local market place where a variety of artists display and sell their merchandise There are many reasons why I decided to buy this kind of merchandise. One reason why we decided to buy this kind of merchandise was because the artists who make the merchandise are very poor. If I buy merchandise from them, it is the equal of giving them money and in-turn supporting them. Another reason why I wanted to bring home that merchandise was because when they get sold through BYI, that money gets donated to charities like Sankara Eye Foundation (SEF) , Emergency Relief Services (like hurricane Irma) and other related projects. The last reason why we decided to sell these items is so the families that couldn't make it to India this year, could still partially feel the "Haat" experience. Most of my merchandise got sold during the BYI Autumn Festival fundraising event.

While I was in India, I also visited Mother Teresa's missionaries of charity at Nirmala. We didn't get to meet any of the orphans, but we met a nun. We donated them some old but usable clothes, and some food and sweets."

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