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BYI Spotlight: Doetri Ghosh @ Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Doetri's Thoughts

"After successfully partnering with Sankara Eye Foundation (SEF), I wondered what other organizations Baybasi Youth Initiative (BYI) can engage with, and since I live in Seattle, I thought of going over to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and check out the framework of the foundation.

Thankfully my dad knows a project manager who works there, and she was able to tell me about the Gates Foundation and how it works. (I also got to go inside the office buildings and see around, it was quite cool). I was blown away by the work that the foundation does around the world and by the fact that all the money comes from Bill and Melinda Gates, and Warren Buffett. The Foundation does not accept donations from general people or organizations like ours.

The Foundation does do workshops for individuals where participants learn about various skills including philanthropic giving. To participate, one has to fill up forms and write a brief description on themselves and why they are interested. Not everyone is then selected, maybe about 20-25 applicants will get a chance. The Foundation also conducts events where charitable organizations can set-up booths and showcase their work.

I am glad I visited the Foundation and their Visitor Center and was able to bring back some valuable thoughts and facts to share with the BYI team. “Miles to go before I sleep”…..!!"

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